Sailing has always been a manual sport. Even now, computerized solutions still have to manually set the angle of the sail relative to the incoming wind, relative to the direction that the skipper wants to go. And a sail only roughly approximates a full lifting section of a wing. Welcome to the future of sailing with Brayfoil.

Fully autonomous wingsail solution through physical principles alone

Approximately 30% more powerful than traditional sails

Approximately 50% less overturning moment acting on the vessel

Fully retractable onto the deck

​We have a vision of sailing that is more powerful, safer and simpler. Imagine a sail that operates like an engine – simply accelerate, it flexes, finds the correct angle to the wind and gives power. A wing that automatically reverses lift when you tack or jib, and that lets you sail at an even closer angle to the wind than ever before.

Our prototypes are in on-the-water testing at present, and the design is being refined to take to market with partners around the globe. The speed potential is in line with Americas Cup wing sails but much simpler and safer. Retractable wing sail for safe docking, can morph to near zero drag in storm conditions.