He completed his degree in architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa) in 1980 and practiced architecture in South Africa with particular specialist design skills in retail. He led the design team at BAI Architects on over 250 projects, and the company became the largest architectural firm in the Southern Hemisphere. His personal interest in aviation led him to study this subject after retirement, with over 15 years of research and development into morphing wing technology. He was successful in developing an auto-setting morphing wing technology and co-founded Brayfoil Technologies. Today he heads up R&D and project development, and is a contributor to global research in aerospace, shape memory alloy engineering and adaptive structures.
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He received his MSc in International Finance at the São Paulo School of Economics (Brazil) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) in 2016. He worked in finance with a particular focus on asset management, corporate finance and venture capital, with Goldman Sachs in London and BASF in Hong Kong. Since co-founding Brayfoil Technologies, his focus has been on the development and commercialisation of adaptive structures, as CEO. There, he has overseen fundraising from public and private sources, project management, hiring, techno-economic product analysis and the development of engineering projects within renewable energy and aviation.
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He completed his BSc in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2019, with a specific research focus on aeroelastic and system modelling of wind turbines. He has work experience with Denel Aviation, designing and coding automated design tools. He is also the co-founder of Afrobotix, an augmented analytics company building machine learning as a service offering. His work at Brayfoil includes building dynamic simulations of concept wind turbines including morphing blade technology, high-level design optimisation of design concepts, aerodynamic analyses, novel control system design and mechatronics implementations.
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He completed his BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pretoria in 2004, and has spent the majority of his career in prototype development and engineering. His work at Toyota Motorsport and Hallspeed encompassed engineering design and analysis of drivetrain, suspension and structural components. This expertise was further honed at ASTRA Operations, designing a light trainer aircraft for international certification, where his skillset broadened to include aerospace component FEAs and full-scale wing testing, including data acquisition systems and whiffle tree load testing regimes. His work at Brayfoil includes FEAs, structural design, composite design and analysis.
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He completed his MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pretoria in 2015. His experience includes a breadth of mechatronics, manufacturing and engineering analysis projects, including autonomous vehicle coding and tooling machinery manufacture. He has experience as an aerodynamicist at ASTRA Operations, and is the founder of KineticCo, an aerospace company currently making a hybrid-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. He has specific experience in actuation system design and manufacture.
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He completed his MSc in Structural Engineering at the University of Houston in 1994 and is a registered Pr.Eng. He has over 20 years experience in the consulting engineering sector and more recently in the Hydrocarbons and Power sector. His experience spans detailed design, project management, executive technical management, divisional management of multidisciplinary engineering and has a number of publications Engineering. He was the Head of Engineering for WorleyParsons from 2013 to 2017, responsible for a staff complement of 750 engineering staff over multiple offices across Africa. He now runs Optimult, an engineering consultancy with multi-disciplinary expertise.
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With expertise in carbon fibre and composite layup and manufacturing, our in-house team has over 50 years experience in aerospace and sporting goods manufacturing.



Trueman has set himself apart as a leader in South African engineering, not only excelling as a first-rate engineer, but also unlocking the field for those less fortunate by serving as their mentor and role model. Hatch Africa, of which he is the Chairman, is one of the largest consultants in renewable energy and the power sector in the country, with clients such as Eskom, IPPs and local governments. He sat on the board of the PIC for ~10 years, who are one of the largest investors in renewables and power infrastructure in this country, giving him tremendous experience in this area.  Holding the degree MEng (Civil Engineering) from Cornell University, he is adept in various disciplines such as transportation, fluid mechanics, geotechnical and structural engineering.
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Wandile graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a focus on aerodynamics. He went on to work at GE and at Denel Dynamics in the design and analysis of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. He now works as a commodities trader for Maneli Perdigon. He started IDWork (now Kandua) in 2014 as a platform to connect artisans with potential employers, which he ran and is in business to this day.
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Co-founder and inventor of Brayfoil’s key IP portfolio, Robert sits on the board along with Wandile and Trueman. More can be read about his background above.
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A long-time partner, they have provided engineering support and services to Brayfoil Technologies since inception, and have confidence in our technology and team.


The Technology Innovation Agency, a branch of the DTI, is a national public entity that serves as the key institutional intervention to bridge the innovation chasm between research and development from higher education institutions, science councils, public entities, and private sector, and commercialisation. They are a major funder and partner of Brayfoil Technologies, and we are proud to be associated with them as a TIA-funded project entity.


A part of The Innovation Hub, The Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CICSA) provides business development support to start-ups in the South African green economy in collaboration with the World Bank’s InfoDev and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)’s green fund. Brayfoil Technologies were incubated by the CICSA in 2017 and remain a part of their network.


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, commonly known as the CSIR, is a world-class African research and development organisation. The CSIR undertakes directed, multidisciplinary research and technological innovation that contributes to the improved quality of life of South Africans. Brayfoil Technologies have partnered with the Defence Division to perform testing in their seven-meter wind tunnel (7mWT) - a continuous, open-circuit tunnel powered by 28 axial flow fans of 30 kW each. Uniform flow distribution across the speed range of the tunnel is given by running the fans in one of 13 different symmetrical patterns.


CIRA, the Italian Aerospace Research Centre, was created in 1984 for the purpose of performing research in the fields of space and aeronautics. Today, thirty years since it was set up, CIRA has testing facilities that are unique in the world and state-of-the-art laboratories used by industries and bodies in Italy and around the world. The company specialises in the most advanced techniques of aerospace research: from the study of aeronautical craft and spacecraft able to fly autonomously and at very high speeds; to the development of innovative systems that can reduce the environmental impact of aircraft, increase flight safety, and improve the management of air traffic. Brayfoil Technologies have collaborated with CIRA since 2018 on funding call applications and research, contributing to "Shape Memory Alloy Engineering", a book co-authored by CIRA scientist Dr. Antonio Concilio, and acting as co-editors of the Journal of Adaptive Structures alongside their team.


Vaalbara are a permanent capital holding company that partners entrepreneurs working on scalable solutions in high impact realms around the world. Their navigation services are focused on businesses from Angel/Seed Stage to Series A or Late Stage, through value added support (structuring, negotiations, modelling, networks) and techno-economic analysis.