Focused engineering, design and analysis to take projects from concept to commercial reality

Starting with ideation and concept creation, our team are able to envision new ways of implementing morphing wing technology using commercially viable materials and innovative methods. We are able to 3D model components, analyse aerodynamic behaviour and design composite layups for specific outputs. Our research experience extends to actuation and mechanism design with integration into systems and control architecture development.

From component-level analysis to full system modelling, we aim for impactful practical solutions. Our suite of tools include component finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Simulink & Matlab modelling and our proprietary aeroservoelastic modelling tools.

With a focus on composites, our development process encompasses 3D printing, scale model testing, composite layups and tooling, fabrication and assembly. We aim to use the best quality materials in innovative ways to reach new heights. Our test beds and sensor equipment allow for static load testing, wind tunnel testing and numerical validation.





Every solution needs a solid grounding in the real world and a unique advantage that is useful to our partners. Our team has experience in tailoring products to market and client requirements, and innovating in such as way as to provide a long-term competitive advantage supported by sufficient IP protections.