The future of high-performance active aerodynamic control.


Imagine being able to control a vehicle when all traction on the tyres is lost? Imagine cornering at 3 times faster than currently possible, but with more control? This is the future of active aero.

Traditional motorsport technology currently relies on one thing to get a car around a corner – friction between the tyre and the road. Most cars use aerodynamic devices such as wings to create downforce to press the tyres down during a corner and increase that friction. Those same wings then create a drag on the straights, which can slow a car down. So, a lot of modern aero tech is centred around active wings, that can create more or less lift/drag. We are doing that, but on a whole new level.

To date, we’ve proven the technology in wind tunnel testing and applications such as renewable energy and sailing, but now we are fitting a test wing to a vehicle, to see how it performs in the real world, on a real vehicle. Our theoretical research has indicated that you can increase the speed of a car around a corner between 3-5 times. Brayfoil wing technology is going to change the way we drive, race and move. Get ready for the faster, safer next generation of active aero.