Month: April 2019


Brayfoil Technologies was chosen amongst the Top 100 Deep Tech Startups in the world, and showcased our physical tech at the 2019 Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris. The platform offered us a chance to interact with investors, potential end users and the broader European Deep Tech Environment. A big thank you from the organizers for the opportunity, and we look forward to seeing the Summit grow.


This is version 1. Genesis. The world’s first morphing-blade vertical axis wind turbine. It heralds the future of renewable energy and a paradigm shift in the way that we as a species use the air and water. Join us on the journey of bringing this technology to life.


Imagine generating power on our skyscrapers, ships and ridges? Renewable energy without the noise, vibration and inefficiencies of traditional wind turbine technology? This is what happens when biomimicry invades energy tech. Our morphing wing turbine systems are poised to move into the next phase of development, with pilot projects installed on end users. Buoyed by our successful full-scale proof of concept testing at the CSIR in 2018, the design phase of this new technology is well advanced. Watch it come to life with us at Brayfoil Technologies.


The landscape of wing technology is changing. For the better. We’re excited to see NASA and MIT moving ahead with their solution for a morphing wing concept, working to bring us closer to the reality of widely-adopted morphing structures in airframes of the future. We look forward to working in this vein alongside them to continue to raise awareness around the need for this technology in every application.


What if biomimicry could produce aerofoils that behave like birds wings? What if we could not only mimic nature, but exceed its capabilities? Imagine a future with aerodynamic wing technology that by creating the perfect shape, has the ability to ​optimize performance at all times and reverse lift instantaneously. Born from nature, in water or air, the innovative Brayfoil wing has infinitely variable lift and drag characteristics, creating a radical paradigm shift in the search for an active, morphing wing. Find out more and follow its journey at


Sailing is a very manual process. The sail needs to be set to the correct angle against the wind, relative to the boat and the direction you want to go, and constantly monitored. Our wing technology changes all that. A fully adaptive, autonomous morphing wing system to revolutionize sailing is on the horizon.