Blade Design

Wind Energy’s
Adaptive Future.

Bringing a fresh perspective, Brayfoil's morphing wing technology draws inspiration from our most precious resource — the natural world.

With a biomimetic design that emulates the wings of African birds of prey, our adaptive turbine blade has huge potential for enhancing wind energy performance.


Solving the Foundational Problem in Wind Energy

Weight and cost are the barrier to cheap, scalable renewable energy.

Longer turbine blades allow for greater energy production, however blade weight and cost must also be increased to manage loading forces — a large amount of which come from the movement of air across the blade as it moves.

Our patented Morphing Wing Technology allows us to dynamically change the shape of a blade during operation to modulate these loadings, allowing for longer blades and produce more energy.

Cost of Wind Energy
Blade Length / Rotor Diameter

Longer Blades.
More Power.
Lower Energy Costs.


Our Projected Emissions Impact

We understand that we aren’t creating a market from scratch here — our ambition is to work with the energy sector to add significant performance to an already growing, established market.

So much good work has been done across the wind energy sector, for many decades, and our drive to contribute is inspired by those who have innovated before us.

The exciting part — if we scale through the market between 2027 and 2050, we estimate that we can enable an additional 30 Gt reduction in aggregate global emissions.

For context, this is a figure that exceeds the combined projected impact of electric car usage and clean ocean shipping across the same 23 year period.

Source: Project Drawdown, Clean Energy Ventures SERC Tool

6gt wind power
15gt wind power
160gt wind power

Rigorous by Nature

The imagination and innovation involved in developing Brayfoil's adaptive blade technology is driven by the rigor and expertise of our specialist team.

Our collective experience spans an array of engineering disciplines, as well as business, manufacturing and design — and the potential application and operation of our adaptive blade concept is supported by AI and machine learning.

Combining new ideas and established aerodynamics — as our concept develops, so does Brayfoil.

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